This is a new life

It is the beginning of new things. Let Nu Life Alliance make it better.
We got the power. It's time to use it.

Our Work

The is a new day

Growing is only natural so let us grow together. You and me is we.
We got the power. It's time to use it.

Our Works

Live for the Nu Life

Explore your world with NU Life and new adventures
We got the power. It's time to use it.

Our Works

Educational Courses

The training and education division of Nu Life Alliance works in the community by holding classes and lectures.

Online Collaboration

Nu Life host an online community network in the form of social media. Post discussions, photos, videos and more.

Community Networking

Nu Life provides members with recruiting and lecture packages so they can network in their neighborhoods and cities.

Ways to Help

Nu Lifetime is always recruiting for the cause. Below are all the ways you can help. Choose one or all. Take a look!


Work independently in your community to bring awareness. Knowledgeable people make stronger communities.

Get Social

Create an account then work from your computer or smart phone to get others to join the cause.


Contribute one time or on a regular bases to help build the Alliance. All transactions are safe and secure.


If your have a story to tell or information that would help others, please submit it to our editorial board.

Quick Notes

Things that are actively happening with Nu Lifetime. Join the mailing list to stay informed.

News pertaining to the workforce and the challenges we face and changes we are making in society.

Visit our news page where you will find recent articles from around the news spectrum that relate to the workforce. Political news, congressional laws and more.

If your have a story to tell or information that would help others, please submit it to our editorial board.

Members of the Nu Life Alliance post their achievements, events and other advancements.

Work within your community to bring about awareness. Branch out and learn what is happening locally.

Get to know your neighbors on a personal level and recognize those who make change happen.

Create an account on our social media platform and connect with other.

The Nu Lifetime Social Media platform offers members opportunities to create their own personalized pages, groups, and photo albums. Post updates and more.

Create an account now to get started. (Currently under construction)

Nu Life provides its users with an off-site video program so they can share videos of progress in their ventures.

Upload homemade, Youtube or other videos. Start a channel, invite subscribers and build an audience. It is all free to all members.

Your voice can be heard much farther than you can see.

The Nu Life staff and other members sometimes submit articles for publication. Tell your story.

Check back here often for new articles that relate to your experience. Learn from others and do research to find answers. Nu Life members are on the move.

For instance, The People Got the Power: Now We Must Use It!

Our Services

Nu Life specializes in teaching courses for basic life skills and some advanced courses. We also offer recruiting packages for online and grassroots campaigns.

  • Courses for young people becoming adults
  • Lectures for families and neighbors in the community
  • Step-by-step guides to organizing and fundraising
  • Strategies for online and social media recruiting
  • Funding for volunteers willing to spread the word
  • Business card offers for group dynamics are available

Learn more

Feature Videos

The latest promotional video for Nu Life. Feel free to spread it around.

  • Create an account
  • Build a channel
  • Recruit subscribers
  • Express yourself
  • Make it official


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Active Affilates

Some of our most active members share their experiences. If you have something to share, contact us below.

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